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Do what brings you joy!

In life, as much as we can, we should do what brings us joy!

We tend to forget this; the old adage that we ‘work in a job we hate to buy stuff we don’t need to put in a house we can’t afford’ comes to mind and the question is: why? and the answer is “I have no idea”. Anyway, life is meant to be enjoyed and what is the point of living a life half lived. Although I find it hard to read because of my Dyslexia I do enjoy writing at times. I also like teaching. So, carrying on from my last post I have decided to do more of what I enjoy and if that helps others that it is bonus.

In my rush to get good at Ju Jitsu I took many short cuts. One of them was not working on my mobility - I would work on my students’ mobility - tell them it was essential, but not work on my own leaving me stiff and sore. In recent years I have worked more on my mobility and it has paid off with greater range of movement and better health. Over the weeks and months I am going to share with you what I am doing and if you find it of help - great.

I have also been looking into my mental health - this is a hot topic at the minute with most men closed to the idea that they should be open about emotional issues they may have. This is the road to illness and something I have grown to understand underpins everything else we do. If your heads not right - nothing else will be.

Exercise, meditation, mindfulness, breath-work and a good all round knowledge of how your mind works is key to thriving in a crazy world. I have had my issues - we all have - but I am a coach and when I see others struggling I want to help. So I will be posting about some of the above subjects as the weeks and months move on.

And then there is Ju Jitsu, my mistress for almost 40yrs. I will of course be posting about Ju Jitsu and giving my take on your journey through the grades.

I hope you enjoy my posts and I hope to see you in person at some point.

David Toney

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