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& Be Free

a programme focused on stress & anxiety

‘Breathe & be Free’ will give you an understanding of how some simple adjustments to your breathing patterns can have a massive effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing and indeed your overall health.


We will do 3 simple tests to analyze your current breathing patterns and how they are affecting you, health-wise. Once this is done, it’s time to learn specially designed exercises that address breathing pattern disorders and provide methods of overcoming stress and anxiety.


How you breathe is key to you taking the steps needed to return to a better way of being. Improper breathing makes you anxious  - while correct breathing makes you more relaxed and more like the person you were meant to be.


  • A better response to stress

  • Increased energy and concentration

  • Better sleep

  • Improved fitness

  • Reduced breathlessness when exercising

  • Improved cardiovascular health

  • Better posture


Looking at how you breathe now, and giving you exercises that can be done in bed before sleep, or in front of the TV, will return you to good mental health and a general sense of wellbeing, which is key to a better life for you and those you care about.




  • Test - which breathing style are you?

  • Testing your bolt score

  • How to improve your bolt score

  • Tea break

  • Testing, are you an over breather?

  • How breathing less increases oxygen intake

  • Fight or flight – living in an anxious state

  • The Assault cycle /Anxiety

Practical breath-work

Recap of Fight/flight & Assault/ Anxiety cycle


  • Practical relaxation and functional breathing

  • How to use the breath for pain control

  • The mind breath connection – improving mental focus

  • Practical breathing workout

  • Understanding the advantages of nasal breathing during rest and physical exercise

  • How to use breath to manage the panic response

  • Improved sleep through breath-work

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