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A Path For Beginners (White -Blue/white)

128 page eBook

In this Ebook you will be guided through from beginner level to Blue/white belt. This book is designed as a companion for your training in class under the supervision of a qualified coach. This book is also for parents who wish to support their child in their development and growth in Ju Jitsu.


The Journey Continues (Blue - Brown)

125 page eBook

This is your next step in your training – building on the foundations of book 1 this takes you to the next level and within touching distance of your coveted Black belt.

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Black Belt & Beyond

85 page eBook

By this stage you will be well versed in the basics of Ju Jitsu and now is the time to intensify your training to gain your black Belt – this book goes into the mental, physical and emotional aspects of your training. This is not the end of your journey only beginning of a new one.

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