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Well, Live Well

a programme focused on general wellbeing

The David Toney Masterclass ® will give you an understanding of how some simple adjustments to your breathing patterns can have a massive effect on your overall health.


Approximately 80% of all illnesses can be attributed to improper breathing. In the masterclass we will explore why this is - where the malfunctions occur and how you can improve your breathing patterns to dramatically affect your overall health. 

 Increasing the amount of oxygen that can be delivered to your working muscles and heart during exercise will allow you to become faster, fitter and stronger. 


The benefits you'll get from  The David Toney Masterclass ® Breathing programme include:


  • A better response to stress

  • Better sleep

  • Increased energy and concentration

  • Reduced breathlessness when exercising

  • Improved fitness

  • Improved cardiovascular health

  • Improved digestion and consequently better weight-loss results

  • Better posture


Addressing improper breathing patterns will encourage breathing volume towards normal levels and improve every area of your health.

​Amongst some of the elements covered will be:

  • How to use the breath for pain control

  • Practical relaxation and functional breathing

  • The mind breath connection – improving mental focus

  • How to use breath to manage the panic response

  • Improved sleep through breath-work

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