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On-Line Courses 

David’s time is limited and he cannot fit in all those who wish to train with him physically – class sizes and structures at times mean that he cannot go into as much depth as he would like to when teaching Ju Jitsu’s core concepts. Further to that, modern life makes it difficult to find the time to train, David understands this and wants to offer his courses to anyone willing to learn.

This course will be available soon and will focus on two groups: Adults and young people who want to get a better understanding of Soke Robert Clarks system as shown in David’s books and later ebooks; and parents who want to assist their children and develop a structured approach to supporting their kids as they move through their grades.

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Empower was something David has always endeavoured to do: empower those around him and support their journey. David has set up a group of highly qualified coaches to pass on his message. He feels that every young girl should be given the tools to defend herself. This is not merely a short martial arts course, but an opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the indicators to an attack and how to ensure that you are a “hard target”, so minimising the risk of attack in the first place.



David has dedicated his life to teaching. From an early age he found engaging with others, supporting their development and helping them to understand themselves better through Martial arts part of his nature. As he has aged his views have also matured. He still teaches classic Japanese Ju Jitsu however, for many years he has broadened out his teaching to encompass so much more – from understanding how your mental state impacts on your physicality to mobility, strength and breath-work. He covers them all in a format that is easy to learn and is taught in a friendly and supportive manner.
For more details on David’s courses, please drop us a line with “Courses” in the subject line.

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