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Chris K 

Just a quick message to say a huge thank you for your recent teachings around the importance of proper breathing.

I was somewhat sceptical, but in recent weeks I have implemented your advice and the results have been superb.

My sleep is better, I feel less stressed generally, and I have been able to draw on the lessons during fitness, and challenging situations.

Thank you again and I would encourage everybody to give one of your courses a try.

They won’t be disappointed

John PS 

I highly recommend delving into one of David's courses. In life I meet all sorts of people and when you meet a person that genuinely cares, that wants to help others and then backs it up with evidence and strategies then you just know don't you? David is that person!

Lyle G

Excellent information and breathing techniques. Myself and many people I have been speaking to who have attended these workshops have reported, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, reduced blood pressure and increased physical performance and recovery. Highly recommended.

d toney etsia.jpg

Karen S


Using the breathing techniques I learned a few months back from Kaicho David Toney's course and watching videos of breathing techniques has really helped me to de-stress and become a calmer and more relaxed person both at home and at work. It has also helped me to get a better night's sleep too. There's a lot to be said for breathing correctly. Thank you

David B


Breathwork has made a massive impact to my life. I've struggled with depression and anxiety since childhood. As an adult I was put on a range of medications in order to cope, and within 2 years of starting these medications my dosage was quadrupled.

Then I was introduced to breathwork, at first I thought I would only help my physical health, but with 6 months of starting breathwork I was completely off all my medications.

Breathwork has done something for me which I thought was impossible, it didn't just stop me relying on medications. It gave me back control of my life.

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