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Your FREE eBook covers all you need to know to take you to your first belt in our system and is an excellent training aid. As the name suggests "A Path for Beginners" supports you in your journey as you take your first steps in obtaining your black belt. Why not take the time to check out the World Ju Jitsu Federation (Ireland)  website to find a club near you.


My Coaching Story

Helping You Move Forward

David Toney has been involved in Martial Arts and fitness for almost 40 years.

He leads a large group of Coaches in Ireland in WJJF and has 90 clubs and over 4000 students to oversee.

He is responsible for all matters relating to coaching and development for all members.

He holds the rank of 8th dan in Ju Jitsu and travels internationally taking seminars as far afield as Russia and Cuba.

David also manages a full time martial arts centre in Ballymena and still finds time to volunteer as a coach.

David has also designed programmes and facilitated courses on behalf of the

NIO, Hospital Trusts and local councils both in Ireland and Great Britain,

He was Country rep for IBSSA and is trained in Close Protection.

David has lived a very full life – his martial arts has taken him around the world.

His work in Women’s Self-Defence and dealing with workplace violence has led him to

a greater understanding of the challenges faced by everyone on a physical level.

In recent years, David has intensified his training on the internal arts –

studying breath mastery, joint mobility, meditation and yoga to name but a few.

He leads workshops on a variety of subjects in relation to the above.

David has reached a point in his life that he feels that he should work more in the fields

that he takes most pleasure in, and that has always been teaching and mentoring.

Whether it is through his books, on-line teaching or in person at one of his many seminars – the one thing he loves most

is to support others in improving their current lives, whether that be by the external or internal arts.

A lifetime of training knows no end

David Toney

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